graphics-infused photography

About the Artist

Adrian’s love for photography began in the 1970s in the vast landscapes of the American West where road trips on his motorcycle led him through the deserts of California to the peaks of the Rockies. He has also traveled the world photographing people, landscapes and more from Africa, Europe to SE Asia.

Over the past years, taking what he accomplished in the darkroom and applying it to the digital platform, he has combined his eye for visual subtly and his unique perspective to create a collection of images that are intensely bold and bright representations of everyday life.

Adrian has lived in many parts of the U.S. and is now a resident of Santa Fe, NM where he continues to draw inspiration from the land, the culture and the people.


Even with all the beauty, mystery, emotion, and magic in the art world, there are still rare moments when certain art captivates beyond other works and takes your breath away. So, it was a delight for me to be introduced to the enthralling and alluring photography of celebrated artist Adrian Skiles and his new, self-developed technique of “graphics-infused photography ” which he refers to as “Image Shifting”.

One look at Skiles’ brilliant “Image Shifting” works elicits the emotional invitation to view again and again, as the stunning color in each piece takes hold of the viewer’s senses and rewards with delight and a range of other satisfying emotions.

Many of Skiles previous exhibits have featured, and paid tribute to, Native American cultures. While there are elements of the Western and Native American world in Skiles’s current display, “Image Shifting” broadly covers a variety of still-life subjects – and does it well! – which showcases its current artistry and the potential for using this technique in Skiles’s future works.

I have had the privilege of working in the professional artistic world all my adult life, and have family members who were renown painters, graphic artists and photographers, so it is a joy for me to be introduced to exciting works of art in all forms. Adrian Skiles’ “Image Shifting” photography has earned my designation as “exciting!”

Patricia A. Crawford

A Note from the Artist

While I am not of Native American descent, I greatly admire and respect Native American cultures, history, and beliefs. I have been honored to be invited to photograph Cherokee Pow Wows in Canton, Georgia to document their ceremonies and experience their deep reverence of all things physical and spiritual. (Those photographs are available for viewing at 

Adrian Skiles

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