graphics-infused photography

Artist's Statement

For quite some time my goal in photography has been to find a way to provide a more impactful visual experience for the viewer of the subjects I photographed. Over the past few years, I discovered that using a particular combination of different graphic and photographic image editing techniques provided a path to my artistic vision of the original photographic subject.

These unique processing steps provide bright, bold images with brilliant luminescence and strong color saturation, bringing more depth to the photographic image. This culminates into a richer and more dynamic viewing experience.

The final artwork is produced using a high-definition dye sublimation printing method on an aluminum platform and finished with a high-gloss coating. As one photo finisher using this print medium stated, “Images printed in this manner take on an almost magical and radiant light with vibrant colors and exceptional detail which produce breathtaking works of art.” These works are a culmination of that pathway to the final image.

The pieces I feel are most representative of this style of art and are best suited for being reproduced as prints are in the "curated" collection. However, all pieces are available for online purchase with different sizes to choose from.

Adrian Skiles

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